Unified Business Oregon

One Voice: Pro-Business

Unified Business Oregon is focused on protecting Oregon businesses from policies which put obstacles in the way of prospering in Oregon.

Business Property Taxes


UBO opposes measures that reset commercial, multi-family, and industrial zoned properties to 

Real Market Value for the purpose of property taxation.

Affordable Health Care


UBO supports policies which open up choice and affordability in the health care market, while opposing cost-shifting measures and health care premium taxes.

Business Mandates


UBO opposes unreasonable legislative mandates and administrative rules which interfere with the ability of a business to make its own operational and human resources decisions.

Government Spending


UBO supports policies which result in smart government spending and better value of government services for the taxpayers whose dollars keep government budgets solvent.

Business Tax Fairness


UBO supports policies bringing tax parity between small and large business firms.  We oppose policies which disproportionately put the cost burden of government on businesses.

A Skilled Workforce


UBO supports full funding for voter-approved Measure 98, local STEM programs, and policies which meet the need for a skilled and educated workforce in Oregon.